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Clayhidon Parish Council, June 2013

Report of Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting 5 June 2013

The meeting began with a very interesting and informative presentation by Public Rights of Way Officer, Emily Spurway, on the Definitive Map Review. Emily outlined the process of the Review. She explained that the Definitive Map is the legal record of the existence of each Public Right of Way and that this record was in two parts; a map and a written description.

Changes can be made to the Definitive Map through the review process by, for example, adding an unrecorded route or upgrading or downgrading an existing right of way. These changes can only be made where there is good evidence and after following a rigorous consultation process. If you would like to submit evidence about the use of any of the Parish Rights of Way you can do this either through the Parish Council or by filling out an evidence form which can be found on the County Council Website. All evidence must be with Emily by the beginning of September.

In addition, permission to divert a right of way can be applied for but in this instance the process is usually funded by the landowner.

The Upper Culm Community Land Trust is now involved in discussions with Housing Associations to see if a solution can be found that will be acceptable to the Developer and to a Housing Association in order that this house can be retained for the Parish. The Parish Council very much hope that, at last, some progress is being made.

The Parish Council has now signed an Agreement with the 1
stWellington Scouts for the use of Gray’s Quarry. The Scouts will use the quarry for some of their evening and weekend events. This will initially be for a trial period of a year.

Ray Radford thanked everyone for their support in the recent elections. There was not much County business to report as it was too soon after the election and the committees had only recently been finalised.

There has been resurfacing work done, by the County, on a number of the Parish roads. However residents of Bolham felt that more work was required in their area. Ray agreed to pass on the request.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday  5thAugust  in the Parish Hall.

Sue Hay