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Clayhidon Parish Council, June 2011

Councillors unhappy about £1,000 a 

month  'affordable' home


Clayhidon councillors say a combined rent and mortgage payment of £1,000 a month is too high for an “affordable home” in the parish.

And they have told Mid Devon District Council they are very unhappy with the way the authority has handled the planning of the development at Hidonfields.

At the  meeting of the Parish Council on June 13 2011 Catherine Simmons from Mid Devon  had been invited to attend. The Parish Council asked her to explain the present position of the “affordable home” at Hidonfields, which is still empty.

The sale of this house is subject to a 106 planning agreement and, while this is in place, the fifth house on the development cannot be sold until the “affordable home” is occupied. Unfortunately the price that is being asked is £1,000 per month which the Parish Council do not consider to be affordable.

Catherine Simmons explained that the financial market had changed since the 106 agreement had been signed and that although she had approached a number of housing associations she could not find one that was interested in this house. She suggested that the next move was to change the agreement so the house could be sold on the open market.

Local residents present at the meeting were invited to contribute to the ensuing discussion. It was agreed that losing the “affordable home” was not an acceptable option.

The Parish Council made it clear to Mrs Simmons that councillors were very unhappy with the way that the planning department had handled this development, that they felt that the Parish had been let down by Mid Devon Council and that they would oppose any change to the 106 Agreement.

SMEATHARPE  MANIA: Another planning decision, which will be unpopular with many in the Parish, is that the Modified Mania event at Smeatharpe Stadium will be allowed to go ahead. 

Since it is not a race it will be in addition to the quota of race days that are held there. This has the potential to be as noisy as the racing. Mid Devon say that they will monitor the noise levels.

NEW NOTICE BOARDS: Two notice boards have been purchased for the parish. It was agreed that one of these would be erected in Rosemary Lane and the 

other at Willtown.

ROADSIDE TIP: Concern was expressed by members of the Parish,at the development of a tip beside the road between Willtown and Forches Corner. The Parish Council agreed to pass on the concerns to the relevant authorities.

BUSINESS FORUM: A Mid Devon Business Forum is being set up to help with economic regeneration in the area. See for more information. The first meeting will be held in Tiverton Town Hall at 6.30pm on July 6. It is hoped that as many businesses as possible will attend.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on  August 8 in the Church Room.