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Clayhidon Parish Council, August 2011

Parish to get snow warden and 5 tonnes of salt


Clayhidon Parish Council has agreed to appoint a snow warden and qualify for five tonnes of free salt from Devon County Council for next winter. 
At the August 8 meeting in the Church Room, Councillor Bob Pike agreed to act as the warden and point of contact for the county. 
He will go on a safety course and the council will identify sites to store and manage the salt. 
This will mean that as long as snow clearance is carried out responsibly and within the county’s guidelines, a third party claim would be covered by the county council’s public liability insurance. 
Local councillors who are farmers will probably undertake storing and spreading salt. 
The issue was raised by county councillor Robert Radford, and Clayhidon chairman Richard Kallaway said the scheme sounded ideal. He suggested two bags could be stored in Rosemary Lane, one at French Nut Tree and one in Bolham Water. Councillors also agreed special care should be taken with Ridgewood Hill past Brookridge Timber where several accidents occurred last winter. 

COUNTY HELPS WITH GOOGLE SEARCH: Cllr Radford said Clayhidon will get £200 from the county towards the parish website. This will be spent on making it easier to find on Google, and other search engines. 

POTHOLES PATIENCE RUNNING OUT: Local councillors also gave Cllr Radford a list of potholes and road surfaces needing work done. Bob Pike mentioned the road from Clayhidon Cross to the top of Ford Street and between Crosses Farm and Burrow Cross. Alan Redwood said: “Our patience is running out. We keep badgering and nothing gets done.” 
He asked for work to be done on the road between Clayhidon Village Hall and Wiltown and said the difference between Devon and Somerset roads was “very marked.” 
Councillors also complained that on a recently gritted Callers Lane four drains were still covered and taped over. 

‘AFFORDABLE’ HOUSE DOWN TO £640 A MONTH: Affordable housing was again discussed at length. Mrs Cathrine Simmons from Mid Devon has told a possible applicant for the shared ownership three bedroom house at Hidon Fields that the cost of rent and mortgage would be about £640 a month. 
The chairman said there was a new valuation of £180,000, which was not that affordable but the developer still had to be persuaded to sell at a lower price to Yarlington Housing Association. Mid Devon were going to try hard to get a settlement. 
He said: “We have moved on. It’s certainly not £1,000 a month.” 
The chairman also reported a meeting in Hemyock with the Community Land Trust which outlined possible ways of getting new affordable housing on farming land by paying far less for half an acre than a developer would, but still more than the agricultural value. Councillors agreed that such a scheme could work and make new homes really more affordable for local people. Alan Redwood said a scheme in Upottery had been highly successful and everyone agreed it should be followed up. 

NOTICEBOARDS: The meeting welcomed the new parish noticeboard at Rosemary Lane, and agreed to look into placing the second on a wall at Garlandhayes.

BANGER NOISE: Councillors were told that noise monitoring equipment from Mid Devon to check sound levels at the ‘drifting demonstrations’ at Smeatharpe Stadium, failed to work. 
Bob Pike reported some people had said the noise was not too bad and the chairman said it had been much the same as banger racing. 
Some people took great offence however and organisers were no doubt trying to get up to 28 events a year. Locals were being asked to fill in a questionnaire. District councillor Frank Rosamund asked to be kept posted on the situation. 

Councillors all approved plans for an extension to a silage bunker at Callers Farm. 

DISTRICT COUNCIL NEWS: The chairman thanked Cllr. Rosamund for his work to keep Villages in Action going after he reported the organisation would keep its grant of £7,500. 
He explained the district were looking at all grants however historical, and explained the new corporate plan and possibilities for merging work with surrounding authorities to save cash. Original plans with North Devon had fallen through, East Devon had linked with South Somerset, and discussions were ongoing. 
He said: “We’re trying to get the best possible deal for our residents. And we are looking at the costs of running three leisure centres. All these things are on the table.” 

Cllr. Rosamund also said Mid Devon were looking at plans for an industrial site at Junction 27 of the M5, even though this has twice been rejected by the Government. 
Bob Pike asked the district councillor to look into a mobile home situated at Burrow Farm and whether it had planning permission.