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Clayhidon Parish Council, October 2012

Report of Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting on Monday 8 October 2012

AFFORDABLE HOME: The outcome of the Clayhidon Affordable home is still under negotiation. Mid Devon District Council are in protracted negotiations with the Developer over the price of our ‘Affordable Home’ and the Parish Council are still determined not to lose what should be an asset for the Parish. 

We would like to encourage anyone, from the Parish, who would be interested in this house at a sensible rent or sensible shared equity to contact both the Parish Council and Mid Devon District Council. It would help us with the negotiations if we could demonstrate that there is a need for this house. 

COMMUNITY LAND TRUST: The Upper Culm Community Land Trust has now appointed 7 Directors, 2 from Clayhidon, and is seeking planning permission for 12 affordable homes to be built in Hemyock. 

MOBILE HOME OWNER WINS APPEAL: The Ten Oaks Mobile Home has been given permission, on appeal, for a period of 3 years after which there will be a review. 

HELPERS WANTED FOR HIDON WOOD: Following a subcommittee meeting at Hidon Wood it was recommended to the Parish Council that maintenance of the wood should be considered in stages. The first stage would be to clear the path around the eastern and southern boundary which has become very overgrown in recent years. This was agreed and it is hoped to start work this winter. 

If anyone would be interested in helping with the specialist work involved please let us know. Also anyone who would like to volunteer to help move scrub and tidy up after any cutting work would be very welcome. Again, please contact the Parish Council. 

 reported on County Council funding and told us that there is more money being spent on byroads this year. He was given a list of problem roads in Clayhidon. 

It was also suggested that the new Lengthsman contacted the Parish Council when he was in the area so that he could be shown the problem culverts and other locations in the Parish which most need his attention.

If you know of any sections of damaged road which need repairing it would be a great help if you could email the information to

SECOND HOME OWNERS FACE BIG TAX RISE: Frank Rosamond reported that Mid Devon District Council plan to increase the Council Tax on second homes to 100% and if a property is left deliberately unoccupied the increase would be to 150%. 

DOG CONTROL ORDERS:  Frank Rosamond reported on dog control orders and neighbourhood dog watch but it was felt that these schemes were not relevant to Clayhidon. However if you would like more information on MDDC matters it can be found here

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the Parish council will be on Monday 3 December 2012 in the Parish Hall. Please join us if you would like to find out more about your Parish.

Sue Hay