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May 2015, Clayhidon Parish Council Annual Meeting

Clayhidon Parish Council Annual Meeting

held in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on 18th May 2015



1.               Present 

Mr R Kallaway (Chair), Mrs A Weekes, Mr G Langford, Mr M Bendle, Mr A Hill, Mr R Drew, Mrs S Hay (from item 7.3), Mr M Osmond (retiring Parish Clerk) until item 17, Mrs D Evans (temporary Parish Clerk), Mr F Rosamond (District Councillor), Mr R Radford (County Councillor) until item 14 and 4 members of the public.


2.               Declaration of Acceptance

            All councillors signed their declaration of acceptance of office forms.


3.               Election of Chair

PROPOSAL:  Mr Kallaway is re-elected as Chair of the council.

PROPOSED:  Mr Bendle  


DECISION: passed (all in favour)


4.               Election of Vice-Chair

PROPOSAL:  Mrs Hay is re-elected as Vice-Chair of the council.

PROPOSED:  Mr Kallaway 

SECONDED:  Mr Langford

DECISION: passed (all in favour)


5.               Minutes from Previous Meetings

PROPOSALThe Council minutes of the meeting of 20th April are approved.  Mrs Hay wished to clarify that the footpaths grant money is independent of any money being spent at the woods.

PROPOSED:  Mrs Weekes 


DECISION: passed (all in favour)







6.               Welcome

The Chair welcomed the new councillors and paid tribute to Mr A Redwood and Mr R Pike for their longstanding service on Clayhidon Parish Council (CPC).  Clerk to write letters of appreciation to both.




7.               Matters arising from previous minutes

7.1      Highways – no more pot holes have been filled in the parish.  One major repair has taken place on the road between Middleton Barton and Middleton Mill.

7.2      Road Warden Scheme – Mr Hill is no longer able to be the Road Warden and the council will need to fill this role.  This to be mentioned in The Parish Pump.  Mr Radford will obtain a job specification for this voluntary position.

7.3      Tap Fund – Clayhidon, along with Hemyock & Culmstock, has been successful in its bid for funds and has secured £1,500 towards a shared Parish Lengthsman. These TAP Fund monies came from the ‘underspend pot’, money available but not claimed by parishes in previous years. Hemyock will be arranging a meeting with Clayhidon & Culmstock soon, to take this forward. 

7.4      Bollhayes Sign – Mr Radford has been provided with the invoice and will arrange grant monies of £200 to be paid to Clayhidon.  

7.5      Silage Bunker – A discussion ensued reference the outstanding planning condition requiring screening of the bunker. 

PROPOSAL:  Clerk to inform MDDC of non-compliance of planning condition.

PROPOSED:  Mr Langford 


DECISION: passed (4 in favour)

7.6      Wiltown Plot – A discussion ensued reference the continued occupation of the caravan by Mrs Board. 

PROPOSAL:  Clerk to inform MDDC of the continued occupancy of Ms Clarke on this site and ask for clarification reference the legitimacy of her occupation. 

PROPOSED:  Mr Langford 

SECONDED:  Mr Bendle

DECISION: passed (5 in favour) Mrs Weekes abstained.

The matter of permission for access over parish council land was also discussed.  Previous permission had been granted whilst the planning permission was valid.  Clerk to ask MDDC for clarification and keep Mr Rosamond informed.  In the meantime, Mr Langford will draft a letter of permission to be considered at next meeting.

7.7      Clerk Vacancy – 2 expressions of interest have been made but no formal applications received. 




























8.               Annual Return

The annual return has been audited by S Aldworth, the internal auditor, and the accounts will be sent off to Grant Thornton.   


9.               Public Participation

9.1      In places, hedgerows are overgrown and are becoming a danger to road users.  Member of the public asked to report directly to Devon Highways.  See Below:-

Devon County Council telephone number for members of the public to report any lights that are not working, pot holes, blocked drains/gulleys and any other road maintenance issues, is:- 0345 155 1004  Lines are open 8am to  8pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am to 1pm Saturday.

Clerk to suggest this number is included amongst the ‘useful numbers’ at the back of the Pump magazine. 

9.2    Litter around village may have dropped from recycling lorries as they pass through.  It was noted that other parishes organize regular litter picking events.  Clerk to pass details on to Mrs Weekes to consider. 









10.            Footpaths

Tania Weeks, Devon County Rights of Way Officer, has inspected the minute books to gather historical information for the Definitive Maps Review.  She will continue her inspection and re-visit the parish shortly. 


11.            Clayhidon Turbary & other Land

Mr Langford will make enquiries as to whether the council can register the land for the basic payment scheme with The Rural Payments Agency. 


12.            County Council Report

Councillor Radford reported:-

The council is expecting to come in on budget.  There is a boundary review taking place for Devon.  Councillors to check on-line to review the proposed changes.  It is not believed to affect Clayhidon.  Children’s Services has improved following a recent review.  The new tranche of TAP funds money has been released.  Councillor Radford also reminded the meeting that his locality budget has been replenished for this financial year.  Any group wishing to apply for funds, please contact Councillor Radford directly.  Councillor Radford was asked to establish whether funds would be made available to improve broadband in the parish, a member of the public was under the impression more money had been allocated to Devon County for this purpose.    








13.            District Council Report

Councillor Rosamond reported:-

MDDC’s budget is under control but it has written to government stating it cannot withstand any more cuts.  The Conservatives have 2/3rds of the seats following the recent election and will be implementing their manifesto.  The long awaited funding allocation for the successful “RealDevon” Leader bid that covers Mid Devon has been announced by DEFRA and the Rural Payments Agency. The “RealDevon” area will receive a total of £1.4million for the period up until 31 December 2020.  Councillor Rosamond to enquire whether any funding will be available for improving broadband in Clayhidon. 

Councillor Radford left the meeting








14.            Finance

Income & Expenditure
















West Country Newspapers

Clerk Vacancy advertisement



Wellington Weekly

Clerk Vacancy advertisement



Community First

Insurance premium



S Aldworth

Internal Audit fee


PROPOSAL:  that the income is agreed and the above cheques/payments are paid/agreed

PROPOSED:   Mr Langford


 DECISION: passed.  All agreed.       


15            Correspondence

15.1    Invite to Blackdown Support Group’s AGM on 2nd June noted.

15.2    Bank Mandate – will be reviewed at next meeting following appointment of new clerk.

15.3    Code of Conduct – All councillors provided with a copy of the MDDC Code of Conduct. 

PROPOSAL:  that the MDDC Code of Conduct is adopted

PROPOSED:   Mr Langford


DECISION: passed.  All agreed.       

15.4    Financial Regulations – Clerk to review and amend as necessary. 

15.5    Pensions Regulator – contact details to be given to the regulator to comply with current requirements.



Next Meeting








16            Items raised by Chairman

The chairman thanked Michael Osmond for his long service and for his help and support over the years.  Michael has been involved in numerous matters over the 42 years and has been a much valued employee.

Mr Osmond left the meeting

PROPOSAL:  that an ex-gratia payment of £400  is made to retiring clerk Michael Osmond, for storing archive material on behalf of the council for over 40 years.  In addition a gift of £30 to be made.

PROPOSED:   Mr Kallaway


DECISION: passed.  All agreed.      

Mr Kallaway also suggested a framed plaque be erected at the Parish Hall giving details of all previous clerks.

The council will make a presentation to Michael Osmond and the retiring councillors at a future event.  Date and details to be confirmed.  Mrs Weekes will speak to Nicola Werner about a commemorative plate for the retiring councillors and will report back.














17            Items raised by Councillors  

17.1       Half Moon – Is the Half Moon up to date on rent paid for land ‘The Pound’ adjacent to pub?   Clerk to check back through accounts. 

17.2       Glebe Field – issue with old, now defunct, soakaway.  Mr Bendle to discuss with landowner and report back.





18            Planning

There were two applications for consultation, the details of which had been circulated to some councillors.  Mrs Evans, the temporary clerk, advised that planning applications should be included on any agenda, considered at council meetings, and any comments/decisions should be voted on and agreed.  Individual parishioners have the option to comment on any planning application directly to MDDC.  Council to consider how it wishes to deal with future applications and perhaps the need to meet more frequently. 







19            Date of the Next Council Meeting.  tbc



Meeting closed at 10.45pm