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Faster broadband for Clayhidon?

Faster broadband for parish?
High-speed broadband could come to Clayhidon - if enough people are interested in signing up. 
CFB Solutions, a Crewkerne company, has told the parish council it could set up a wireless network for the parish. Small aerials would be erected on buildings to receive the signal on the ridges and bounce it down into the valleys.
If you are interested in finding out more about the CFB proposal contact the Parish Council. If there is sufficient interest the council will invite the company to attend a parish meeting to provide more information 
The firm promises speeds of 10mbps for downloads and 5mbps upload, up to seven times faster than some BT landlines in the area.
It is already working on the Blackdowns - in Combe St Nicholas - and in other parts of Somerset.
Wireless is more expensive than most landline packages. But it's a lot cheaper - and slightly faster - than satellite broadband, which a few people in the parish have adopted.
CFB charge between £25 and £55 per month, according to the volume of material downloaded, plus an  installation fee. People habitually streaming films and music via the internet would pay more than those using it mainly for emails and browsing the web.
You can find out more on .
Dead-slow broadband is a common complaint among parishioners. When checked BT download speeds on TestMy.Net we consistently found them to be 89 per cent slower than the UK average. BT has shown no interest in improving its broadband service to small communities.
You can email the council on this link. For councillors' contact details click here.