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Minutes for August 2011

Clayhidon Parish Council

A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 8th August 2011 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.

The following Business was brought before the council:-

1. Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.
2. Matters arising from the minutes
3. Payment of Accounts
4. Reports of County & District Councillors
5. Correspondence
6. General business

Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AGS Hill; Mr RW Drew; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr ME Bendle; County Councillor Mr RF Radford; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; Parishioners Mr N Carter; Mrs A Weekes; Mr BR Clowney; and Mr MC Osmond, clerk

An apology for Mrs S Hay was given as unable to attend. On the opening the meeting a welcome was given to all those present.

The minutes of meeting 13th June were taken as read, (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.

Matters arising
Mr. Redwood reported the notice board was erected in Rosemary Lane as agreed but one for Wiltown / Garlandhayes area to be confirmed. General agreement for site near Riding Stables, and Mr. Drew agreed to make contact for site in that area.

Clerk had spoken to Mr. Weekes as agreed and he confirmed he wished to enhance access by Google. A friend may help to set this up or Google could be asked to do this for a fee. After a general discussion, as those present had not had problems accessing the website, decided to put an item in the “Pump” magazine to ask if parishioners have problems getting access. Response awaited.

Smeatharpe Stadium
Noted “drifting” event had been held and on site noise recording equipment of Mid Devon had not worked. People in the area were then asked if there were any problems of noise from the event while it was in progress. At present comments given stated:- " Like the usual racing." Chairman Mr. Kallaway had heard event at Crosses Farm, possibly in path of noise. Members would await further events to be held. Details received from Mr. G Long of Smeatharpe via email to Chairman.

Affordable Home 
Parish Council had received a letter from Mrs. C. Simmons and Chairman had spoken to her in regard to contents for presentation at meeting. A new valuation had been done, now at £180,000 on a 40% - 60% basis Housing Association and this reduced the monthly payment to £636.00, in place of previous £1000.00. For this to go ahead, the developer needed to accept this new figure of £10,000 less, also for Yarlington Homes to take on this home as not too willing. This was followed by a general discussion on new details and also examples of homes in Hemyock being taken up. Also noted was the recent sale house in Battle Street (previous council home) soul four £225,000. Affordable home thought to be reasonable price for what is offered. As only one person at present interested in affordable home, there was a deadline to accept these figures before being published in public domain for any other interested party. Mr. Rosamond agreed to liase with Mrs. Simmons on this matter, how long before published.

Clerk reported that no correspondence received from the Audit Commission confirming passing of audit or for the payment of fee for audit to be made.

Waste Land of Mr. Govier
Although the dumping of waste building material by Mr Coate had been reported, as agreed, to the Environment Agency, no correspondence had been received. Noted more material had been dumped at the site.

Wind Turbine, Great Garlandhayes
Mr. Kallaway stated he had received a telephone message from Mr. G. Langford to thank Parish Council for support.

Planning Decision
Permission Mr. M Coate, The Riding Stables, conversion of a stable block to form holiday accommodation.

Community Land Trust 
The Chairman gave a short report on the meeting on affordable housing, arranged by the Community Land Trust, in the Forbes Lounge at Hemyock. Examples given and prices quoted if land purchase at cheaper rate was the key point to scheme. Noted £6000.00 available to get a scheme in operation. Thought a good presentation by speaker. General agreement Clayhidon join Hemyock for the time being as no costs to Parish Council and could help Clayhidon in the future.

Book Tokens Presentation
Noted this was still in hand and to be arranged with members for suitable time and venue.

County Councillor
Mr. Radford gave a short report on DCC business and began with the published “Snow Warden” scheme. Parish to appoint the person for salt treatment of the areas in winter outside the DCC highways salted areas. Training would be given. There would be 5 tonnes of salt free of charge delivered to a single site and then used to cover parish, any further needed at £100 per tonne. Noted parish had thought of doing something similar last winter. After a discussion Mr. R. Pike would attend training session and Parish Council would join the scheme as needed. Areas in need were listed in particular where hills did affect travel. Await further details for location of storage site. Noted new salt / grit bin needed top of Battle Street and site at Hidewood Lane. Potholes in need of repair noted, in particular Bolham Water to Burrow’s Cross. Road from village hall to Wiltown in need of attention and noted this had been reported for quite some time. After his report, thanks were given to him by the chairman.

District Councillor
Mr. Rosamond reported on the District Council, so far this year was still able to give a grant to “Villages in Action” noting the other usual “Grants” to be reviewed with details collected from organisations to confirm if eligible. No extra funding in 2011 possible. There was to be a change in the objectives in the Corporate Plan, better homes empowering the community. General discussion on the joining with other districts their services / officers for Mid Devon, Parish Council thought it better to join east Devon / South Somerset in place of north Devon. Noted budget balance at present £290,000 under spent. Refund on concessionary fares had made this possible.

Burrow Field Caravan
Attention was drawn to the caravan now on site in field which was part of Burrow Farm. Noted a large barn had been erected in field with permission but had no electricity or water supply to it. Thought to be lived in, as lights on at night. Mr. Rosamond would report to planning department. Thanks given to him for his efforts to keep grants to “Villages in Action” and for his general report to those present.

Mid Devon – Review of Polling Stations. Clerk had contacted Chairman of Hall Committee to confirm details. Members agreed hall best centre of village to be Polling Station. DACC copy of August newsletter. Copy of Smeatharpe Village Hall accounts end 4th July, 2011 noted a loss of £1218.27 for year, arising from major expenses of decoration inside and outside of hall. Copies of “In Touch” and “Parish Matters” for July. Mid Devon Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons. Details of creation and registration in national scheme noted. Letter from “Citizens Advice Bureau” seeking grants/donations for services provided as cutbacks from other sources. Although a worthy service, area funding included Barnstaple and Torrington. Agreed no funds. Mid Devon reply from forward planning for Parish Council response in “Development Consultation on Issues and Options”. Mid Devon - Transport Group questionnaire if Parish Council had a Transport Plan for next 2, 5, 10 years in hand. Other correspondence received listed and noted. Blackdown Hills AONB election on to Management Group arising from vacancy. Outlined to meetings and business given by the Chairman but no member wishing to stand for Culm / North area.

General Business
Planning Application RH Drew & Son, Callers Farm for a silage bunker. No objections raised, noted adjoining the present one on site and to be screened with selection of trees as season permits. Planning application Miss A. Williams, Bolham Farm for a cattle barn, new barn adjoining buildings on site and not have any detriment to the landscape. No objections raised.

Sceptic Tank
Clerk had been contacted by Mr M. Hudson in regard to article in a national newspaper for all households to register with the environment agency if they had a septic tank on their property either discharged to any water course or soil soakaway. He would get further details for Parish Council to publish as the deadline of January 2012.

Turbary Ashculm
Devon Wildlife Trust to administer a stewardship scheme if funding still available subject to further agreements and details being agreed by Charity Trustees as part of Higher Level Stewardship Scheme.

Next Meeting

As there was no other business, the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting after it was agreed the date of the next meeting at the Church Room of Monday 10th Oct. 2011