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Minutes for December 2011

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 12th December 2011 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm. 

The following Business was brought before the council: 

1.             Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.             Matters arising from the minutes

                        Affordable Home – A Simmons attending

                        Salt Warden Scheme

                        Jubilee Celebrations Report

                        Ten Oaks – Mobile Home

3.             Chairman of District Council – Mrs Brenda Hull

4.             Report of County / District Councillors

5.             Payment of Accounts – Grants – Hall

6.             Correspondence

7.             General business


PRESENETMr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RJ Pike; Mr RW Drew; Mr ME Bendle; Mr AGS Hill; Mrs S Hay; Mrs B Hull, Chairman Mid Devon District Council; Mr N Carter; Mr F Pike; Mr W Hunt and Mr MC Osmond, clerk

APOLOGIES were given for Mr R Radford, County Councillor; Mr FJ Rosamond, District Councillor and Mrs C Simmons, Mid Devon Housing Officer & Homeless.

On opening the meeting, the Chairman gave a welcome to all present and an extra welcome to Mrs B Hull.


MINUTESThe minutes of meeting 10th October, 2011 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.


MATTERS ARISING Noted, notice-board at Garlandhayes in hand, to be erected by Riding Stables.

WEBSITE: Access improved as wished, invoice received and paid £150.00 plus £30.00 VAT

DRIFTINGFurther drifting down at stadium, some noise heard in Clayhidon.  Noted, police had caught some persons for speeding when leaving.  Chairman then opened the meeting for comments. Mr. F Pike, Middleton, spoke of those around stadium who had use of it.  Not against present use. Noise was an issue but it was a small number who complained.  It was a grey area on evidence of breaking law.  Chairman in reply stated that to many Clayhidon people “Noise” was an issue as there was the “Tribe of Doris” yearly event which was of concern.  He thanked all who had spoken in general discussion on stadium use.

ANOB ELECTIONS: Clerk reported no correspondence received on who was elected.


SNOW WARDEN SCHEME:  Mr. R Pike gave a short report, possible training session at a hall if wished for those involved, to show best practice in spreading salt.  Discussion held on places in particular need to be salted.  It had been agreed five tonnes would be delivered to Harts Farm then dispersed as needed.  
Dunkeswell had purchased a small salt spreader, but no large estates in Clayhidon where it could be best used.  More details to be obtained if used by them. 
Insurance issue was discussed and thought to be under a County arrangement.  The use of red or white fuel in tractors was raised, noted the easing in controls on use if salting.


WASTE MATERIAL AT QUARRY - P.GOVIER: Clerk had contacted Environment Agency as requested and this would be looked into.  No further correspondence received.


CHURCH FIELD USE BY DR AND MRS SCOTT: Chairman gave a short background report.  Subcommittee had checked with Insurance Company and cover was for land only.  Dr. Scott would need to obtain insurance to cover wedding event, also to fence both sides of ditch and limit crossing to one point only.  A letter confirming these conditions had been given to them and they had agreed to this as part of Parish Council giving permission to use the field.  A further risk assessment to be done nearer to the event date.  Members agreed with details given as no liability to Parish Council.


OVERGROWN BRANCHES, JACK'S HOUSE: Noted the overgrown branches into the road which obstructed vehicle vision was still in need of cutting back.  Item for Mr. R. Radford.


AFFORDABLE HOUSE, HIDON FIELDS:  Noted correspondence sent and received recently and letter by Cllr F. Rosamond to planning department was read and discussed as it very much supported view of Parish Council, that house was never affordable in regard to money from the start.  Any money from lifting the section 106 tie should go to Clayhidon / Hemyock to help obtain another site for house, a possible £20,000.  This lifting of section 106 at January / February meeting.  This amount was thought low compared to sale price to develop or.  To do this was thought to set a precedent for others to follow.  Chairman agreed to contact the local landowners for an exception site as this would ensure the money raised from the 106 came to Clayhidon and a home built.  Comments from parishioners present supported actions of Parish Council.


MRS B. HULL, CHAIRMAN, DISTRICT COUNCIL:   The Chairman then introduced Mrs. Hull who was pleased to be able to attend and hear the views of those present.  She began with some background details of her life, went to school at Hemyock then into the civil service.  She had been a councillor for 9 years.  The District has a cabinet style governing body with policy development groups.  More details on these on the website.  Two royal visits during her term of office.  New “Business Forum” set up in Tiverton now started.  Free parking on Saturdays.  And a special programme of events over the Christmas period.  For the New Year there will be the “Location Bill” to discuss and debate on changes this will bring, not all the details known at present.  “Villages in Action” great for parish fund raising but possible reduction in grants to this in future, noted the concerns expressed on the effect in rural parishes.  After questions from those present, the Chairman thanked her for attending.

TEN OAKS MOBILE HOME:  The Chairman abstained from this item and the Vice Chairman took the chairmanship and gave an outline to and details of, the planning permission application now received.  General discussion by members as no mains water or electricity at present time.  The details of agricultural need for sheep was not proven as the figures on numbers of stock not viable to the acreage owned.  Points raised in support statement cause of concern as the agricultural appraisal was weak under close scrutiny.  History of making errors.  On a vote no Councillors in favour of permission.  Agreed Parish Council not to support application and it should be refused.  Further concerns on large building on a small acreage being granted without need being proofed in first instance, made the way for accommodation application in the future if large stock number on site.

JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS 2012: Mr. Bendle gave details of meetings of the working group.  One major event on the Monday evening of the “Beacon” lighting and built around this.  To be on high ground of Ridgewood Hill / Palmers Farm and thanks to Mr. P Blackmore for use of his field.  To include a barbecue with music group & possible firework display.  Parish Council to be asked to underwrite costs not covered by fund raising and donations received to help with the expenses.  Open to all parishioners.  From information obtained and dependent on numbers expected to attend (it was still open as to whether tickets or bookings should be applied), costs were thought to be:-  food £600 to £1000, fireworks £500, toilets (basic) £60 per unit.  In the region of £2000.  Members discussed the details and it was proposed by Mr. Pike and seconded by Mrs. Hay the Parish Council endorse the general programme planned and the Parish Council use funds from section 137 and general account to be used, as it was noted the caterers would need to be brought and a deposit needed.  This was agreed by all.  Thanks given to Mr. Bendle and committee.

PAYMENT OF ACCOUNTS, PRECEPT 2012:  Clerk had prepared a draft statement for the year and copies given to members.  After known expenses and grants paid there was a balance of £5761.00.  After a general discussion on the possible expenses for 2012 it was proposed by Mr. M Bendle and seconded by Mr. A Redwood A precept of £6000.00 be made and this was agreed by all.

GRANTS:   Mr. Pike drew attention to the work done by the Cameo Club in Hemyock open to those in the area and they needed all the funds available to increase the services they provide as no money from the Blackdown Support Group.  After discussion it was proposed by Mr. Redwood and seconded by Mr. Pike a grant of £100.00 be made, this was agreed with the following grants:-


Clayhidon PCC

Churchyard Grant

£      540.00

Hemyock PCC

“Pump” production

£        60.00

Blackdown Support Group


£      425.00

Clayhidon Parish Hall


£    1950.00

Tiverton Transport Assn.

Ring & Ride

£        50.00

Cameo Club


£      100.00


Mr Bendle stated that a cheque would be needed as a deposit if the committee booked “Knapp Creations” caterer at Jubilee evening.  This was agreed and more details to be obtained on amount.  Thanks given to Clerk for the draft details.  It was also noted money would need to be transferred from deposit to current account.

CORRESPONDENCE:  DCC Annual Yearly Return of income & expenses on the footpaths. Letters of thanks from Miss J Ward and Mr M Hudson for the tokens presented at the “Parish Quiz” evening for past service to the parish


PLANNING: Permission to Mr. Shipton, Stidwells - size adjustment to garage / workshop.  Permission to Mr. and Mrs. Vella, Rosehayes Farm – livestock building.  Permission to Mr. R Shere, New Gorwell Farm – roof over livestock yard.  Mr. M Coate permission, The Racing Stables – agricultural livestock building.  Copy of District Council letter of objection to Autospeed application at Smeatharpe Stadium for inert material dumping to form bank.  Letter from D. C. C. highways giving notice of road from Bollhayes to Lilycombe closed from 7/12/11 to 23/12/11 for repairs at Millview where large lorry with the load of hens mounted the bank, noted three cranes needed to recover onto the road.  Somerset County Council notice that “Waste Core Strategy” now published for consultation.  Devon Playing Fields – autumn letters. Copies of District & County monthly newsletters.  Other correspondence listed and noted.


General business

COMMUNITY LAND TRUST:  The Chairman gave a short account on “Community Land Trust Project” moving slowly forward and an outline of the agreement when joined to a Housing Association.  There was support for the project from Mid Devon District Council, which was thought a good thing.  Notice was given that when Clayhidon signed to be full partner there would be a charge for this.


FOOTPATHS:  Mrs. Holy reported that the “Footpaths” were being walked with work needed, being done by County Officer.  Thanks given for details.  Noted the Jennings Bridleway green sand problem, now a path over it and a narrow gate at Clayhidon end being revised.


NEXT MEETING:  As there was no other business the Chairman thank those present for attending and closed the meeting after it was agreed the date of the next meeting at the Church Room on 13 February, 2012.