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Minutes for February 2012

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 6th February 2012 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council: 

1.              Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.              Matters arising from the minutes
A) Ten Oaks – Mobile Home

B) Precept 2012

3.              Community Land Trust – Mr Sean Wheeldon

4.              Affordable Housing in Clayhidon

5.              Payment of Accounts

6.              Reports of County / District Councillors

7.              Parish Footpaths – Mrs S. Hay

8.              Correspondence

9.              General business – “Villages in Action” Mrs Bee Hill

10.           Charity Business


Present:  Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr ME Bendle; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AGS Hill; Mrs S Hay; Mr RW Drew; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; County Councillor Mr RF Radford; Mr Sean Wheeldon, Community Land Trust ; Parishioners Mrs P Reynolds; Mr T Purvis; Miss J Hoare; Mr N King; Miss J Coneul; Mr & Mrs J Bendle; Mrs P Blackmore; Miss K Hopper; Mr RS Morgan; Mrs A Hill; Mr N Carter; Mr & Mrs N Gerasimidis; and Mr MC Osmond, clerk

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting 12th December were taken as read, (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed & signed after the addition of “the increase in the price” on affordable house minutes recorded.

Matters Arising: The Chairman stated that 5 tons of salt received and this in turn had been taken in their bags to parts of the parish for storage and later use as needed.  The roadside bins, it was noted, were also full as checked by Mr. R Pike.  Concerns over the recent build up of ice on road near junction of Wheelbarrow Lane / Byers had been reported to Highways dept.

Overgrown branches: Noted the overgrown branches at Jack’s house still awaited cutting.

Jubilee celebrations:  Mr. Bendle gave a short report, awaited meeting end of February to plan more when all working group would be present.

Precept: Since meeting to set the precept, an invoice from mid Devon Council received for £1056.44 as election costs held in 2011, this was more than expected and after discussion with the vice chairman £500.00 had been added to it, to make a total of £6500.00

Grants: Noted letters of thanks received for grants to “Ring & Ride”, Blackdown Support Group, Cameo Club, Parish Hall & Churchyard Grant.


Ten Oaks – Mobile Home: The vice chairman gave background details, the application had not been supported by the parish council, lack of details in statement.  Decision by planning department was refusal of the Mobile Home and track made from road to it.  Copy of decision received and viewed.  Accounts do not show viable profit.


Community Land Trust: Welcome given to Mr. Wheeldon to speak on aims of a Community Land Trust.  He is a project coordinator who works with communities wishing to get some affordable housing.  He began with some general observations, in Devon second homes a problem in places, together with the low number of houses being built.  Land values can vary, mostly expensive so needs a subsidy to be affordable.  This can come in various forms and this was explained.  Aim was, owned by the community for the community in perpetuity.  Government money available till 2015, and must be community led so need to get details of need and a site if going this way.  Reference made to house in Clayhidon, £22,000 payment made if Section 106 lifted, in the past this would have been £50,000. 

A housing needs survey done with Hemyock and need for home shown.  Details of how Trust works given.  People elected to serve the objectives at the beginning, all assets remain to serve community then go into partnership with a Housing Association, obtain funding from government and lease to them the land to be built upon.  Housing Association would view names of those seeking to be a tenant.  As Clayhidon would join with Hemyock in Community Land Trust they had chosen the model of Friendly Society as best to meet their needs. 

Chairman reported a meeting with District Council Officers and there would be only £22,000 in compensation from developer. Mr Gerasimidis asked if legal advice had been taken taken on this “statement of policy” by Mid Devon Council.  General discussion on point raised and possible cost to Parish Council.  A reply by Mr. Rosamond stated the Housing & Enabling Officer had tried hard to get a tenant but it was the cost that was the problem.  It was agreed to request the Policy details for viewing prior to the District Council meeting when this was on planning agenda.  Costs of the affordable house should be for the building only.  Details taken by Mr. Rosamond of the needs for legal viewing which Mr. Gerasimidis would undertake, thanks given to him for doing this. 

Summary made by Chairman of discussions and it was noted that the planning department would consider an exception site if suitable.  Chairman stated that if parishioners had a site for consideration to contact him.  In view of parishioners present Mr. Pike proposed and Mr. Bendle seconded, “A Community Land Trust” should be set up.  On a vote it was carried with one person against.


County Councillor:  Mr. Radford gave a short report to those present, the weather so far had been better than last year with the reduction in salt/grit use.  A review made which will cut the number of senior management staff, alone which will cost £7 million in redundancy payments.  On street parking now past to District Councils to save money.  County Council portion of of Council Tax not being increased.  Children in “Care” a major cost to DCC.  Notice 50% of schools now changed to academies, this had made savings.  DCC would now continue to fund “Villages in Action”.  Noted next season of verge ploughing planned.  Mr. Redwood had raised the condition of Hidewood Ford as in need of attention due to the tarmac being eroded on both sides being in part Devon and part Somerset.  The chairman thanked him for the report details.


District Councillor:  Mr. Rosamond reported on the “Economic Strategy” now published.  The Council to review development of Junction 27 as an exception site, as this could bring in jobs and income, this was discussed by those present.  District Council had to save on funding and this had meant they would not now be funding “Villages in Action” events.  In reply to questions on this he stated, would seek if funding can be drawn from other sources, noted it was a source of funding in parishes.  Thanks given to him for his report.


Payment of Accounts: As this was the last Parish Council business meeting in financial year, the following payments were proposed by Mr. Pike and seconded by Mr. Bendle and agreed after review of Clerk’s salary in which Mr. Bendle proposed and Mr. Pike seconded this be increased by £50.00. This was agreed by all.


Mr WD Hortop

Printing Minutes

£     90.00

Clayhidon PCC

Use of Room

£   120.00

Mr RM Kallaway

Telephone etc.

£     50.00

Exeter Glebe Board

Rent of Field

£   250.00

Mr MC Osmond


£   850.00

Mr MC Osmond

Petty Cash & Expenses

£     74.12


Mrs Hay had no expenses on behalf of the “Footpath Scheme”.


Parish Footpaths:  Mrs Hay gave details of work in hand by DCC in parts of the parish.  Noted balance in account of £1200 and proposed two sites in need of improvement.  A) Belletts – Lilycombe, tree across path, but not easy to clear as wet ground. Mrs Jefferies, land owner, to be contacted for work to be done. B) Denshayes – Bolham in need of a board plank work on part of it.  After a general discussion agreed to get a quote for this work from DCC and Mr. Collin Risdon.  The map at the Parish Hall now faded and difficult to see.  The size was a problem to print.  Lamination possible avenue to protect a replacement.  General discussion was held on providing each home in parish with a map of paths in Clayhidon.  Thanks given for the details and for the work done.


Correspondence: DCC launch of consultation policy for admission to Devon schools for 2012-13 and 2013-2014, comments invited.  Northern Devon Healthcare – launch of “Pulse” newsletter, details of services.  Somerset County Council – Summary Minerals Options – next 15 years extraction, responses invited and further details on the website.  DCC invitation to Chairman & Clerk to meeting with Chairman at County Hall, details noted.  Letter from Mr. Bruce Payne to introduce himself as our new Partnership Management Group representative for Culm & Northern Parishes on Blackdown Hills AONB Management Group.  Devon Playing Fields Association, winter newsletter.  DCC Planning department request for e-mail address of contact for planning application posting as paper copies to be ended.  Details collected as requested.

Queen’s Jubilee: Notice of the cathedral service, an invitation from Lord Lieutenant’s Office for Chairman or parish representatives to celebrate event.

Planning Applications:  Application by Mrs. T Hart, Hidonfields House for stable block and hay storage with tack room.  No objection raised as screened from road to reduce visual impact.  Application Mr. & Mrs. B. Hill Bollhayes Park for conservatory.  No objections raised noted on the south side and not visible from the road.  Application by E-tricity Ltd. at Hemyock Products Ltd., Bolham House for ground mounted solar photovoltaic array and associated equipment.  Noted site is developed and no major impact on the area, but they are already erected on the site noted also and no planning objections raised.  Other correspondence listed and noted.

General Business:  As there was no other business, the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting after it was agreed the date of the next meeting as 16th April & Annual Parish Meeting 26th March 2012 at the Hall.