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Minutes for June 2011

Clayhidon Parish Council 

A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 13th June 2011 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm. 

The following Business was brought before the council:- 

  1. Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.
  2. Matters arising from the minutes
  3. Payment of Accounts - Audit
  4. Reports of District / County Councillors
  5. Correspondence
  6. General business


          Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AGS Hill; Mr RW Drew; Mrs S Hay; Mr ME Bendle;  District Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; County Councillor Mr R Radford; Mrs Cathrine Simmons, Homeless & Enabling, Mid Devon District Council; Mr A Board & Ms G Clarke, Wiltown caravan; also 8 parishioners & Mr MC Osmond, clerk


      An apology was given for Mr AFJ Redwood as unable to attend.

      On opening the meeting Mr Kallaway gave a welcome to all present. 


      The minutes of meeting 16th May were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed and signed. 

Matters arising

      Mrs. Hayes stated that although a summary had been sent to the "Pump" for inclusion it had not appeared.  Also noted change of chairman had been reported by clerk and past chairman's name removed the present one was not printed. 

Middleton Barton

      Mr. Pike stated that it was not planned to do any road works but the overgrown trees would be cut back. 

Belletts Drain

      It was noted to be clear and present. 

Notice boards

      These had been received and clerk had asked Mr. Redwood to erect them, A) Wall at Roseleigh.  B) After a discussion, as the Parish Council owned the land, it was agreed to look at the fence at Wiltown corner as the site for that area. 

Hedge at Ford Street

      It was noted this had not been cut back around pole at the present time and Mr. Bendle agreed to contact Mr. Pocock.  While the hedge was discussed it was also noted that a sign had been put up from the Half Moon Inn for an event being held and it blocked vision of the road.  Noted also the verges at the crossway were now in need of cutting.  This was noted by Mr. Radford, but would check on their policy of cutting as to how many times and when being done. 

Parish Website

      Mr. Hill drew attention to the fact that the site was up and being well used and these costs were not known but a single fee was required to pay Google.  Clerk to contact Mr. Weeks for details.  Members agreed that this could be paid by Parish Council. 

Royal Wedding Mugs

      Clerk reported all the mugs for children of the parish, as agreed, had been given by him to those who had not attended " Street Party" and that one remained of the 72 purchased.  It was agreed that clerk hold for a possible sale, retain if not sold. 


      Mrs. Hay reported survey completed and that items in need of attention being drawn up. Noted also County Council staff in the parish doing some strimming of paths. 

Internal Audit

      This had been completed by Mrs. Williams and no matters raised from the accounts.  Accounts sent to District Auditor. 

Turbines - Great Garlandhays Farm

      Further details received on this application.  This was in regard to the farming policy as at Great Garlandhays and the character impact of the application in AONB.  Noted Parish Council had agreed to the application in principle and no further comments to make. 

Smeatharpe Stadium

      Letter had been sent to planning department in support of a Noise Abatement Order to be placed on part to be used for “drifting”.  No reply received at present but further details given by Mr. Rosamond.  Noted to allow 17 racing events in the year which left 11 for other use as 28 allowed in total.  The “drifting” demonstrations would not be seen as more than the 17 but on their own.  The Order would not be placed on the stadium until the noise levels had been monitored.  Staff would be on site when being done to records sound levels.  Members queried as to whether staff would be present if held at weekends, as outside of normal hours. 

Planning Policy

      Chairman gave a short report on the response made by Parish Council after the subcommittee meeting.  The main areas were noted as A) Key villages and limit to them only for development. B) Core strategy - to have additional objective of barn conversions for housing. C) Providing homes, general design that covers all developments.  D) Rural housing include barn conversions.  E) Agricultural & Equestrian development, rely on national policy until Localism Bill introduced.  F) Listed buildings and historic conversion to rely on national PPS5 and omit Mid Devon policy.  This was enlarged and discussed by members and agreed with responses. 

Affordable Home, Hidon Fields

      Chairman introduced Mrs. Cathrine Simmons for the discussion on the home at Hidon Fields following an email that stated “of the changed circumstances that it will be lost due to high property prices unable to get a person to purchase as cost over £1000 per month.  Seeking to get a commuted sum and change S106 agreement on the site.” A letter from Mr. A Redwood was read as unable to be present stating of the background details on the building of the homes starting with the incorrect level of the footings dug at the rear which then raised the front homes to their present level.  Noted these issues raised at the time with the District Council but no visible action taken.  Parish Council urged to support the development to get affordable home by Mr. Valentine as this was the only way.  A series of mistakes from the start and not corrected by the District Council meant in the end that the developer spent a lot more money to build homes than should have been needed and he had put this high price to recover his costs.  Mr. Bendle gave more details as Parish Council Chairman at the time.  Mrs. Simmons stated it was the “market value” that made price high at £200,000 for the affordable home after the 35% reduction made on the affordable as this cost put on the other homes for sale.  A deposit of 25% was needed to purchase.  Background details given, developer gave this price to Yarlington Homes, the housing association, who gave it to Mid Devon which they have to accept.  General discussion and questions from parishioners present answered by Mrs. Simmons.  A contract at an earlier lower price had failed to be signed by developer, had it been signed, present problems would not have arisen and now due to the length of time, this change to section 106 agreement would move it forward with a possible affordable home in Hemyock.  Mr. Carter proposed the Parish Council do not accept this S106 change, this was seconded and agreed by parishioners present.  The Chairman then asked councillors for their views and all agreed not to accept this avenue being taken as strongly opposed.  The District Councillor to call in application made to Planning department for change, this was a result of Mid Devon District Council not taking action of the time to correct errors being made despite Parish Council's concerns being raised and now the parish was to lose the affordable home for no reason on their part.  In conclusion the Chairman thanked Mrs. Simmons for attending and giving reasons for present problems and to be aware of strong opposition to any loss of affordable home. 

District Councillor

      Mr. Rosamond and gave a short report to those present.  Noted the Council had received 56% of their money invested in Iceland with more to be received.  Details of savings in costs given of £908,000 possible cuts in grant expected, the review on each to be made.  New household waste pilot scheme explained in two trial areas and a wider range of items included.  Change also in garden waste with separate charge.  Recycle on weekly collection and household on fortnightly.  Landfill charge at £48.00 per tonne with the increase in charge of £8.00 per year.  Point raised on small amount of trade waste collection in parish as will not be collected by Mid Devon.  Mr. Radford agreed to investigate if possible for cases highlighted.  Thanks given for report after questions raised were answered. 

County Councillor

      Mr. Redford stated of the extra money available for pothole repairs.  Details given of budget monies being set aside for repairs.  Quality of repairs noted and surface dressing applied to last a number of years.  A total of 1900 jobs had not been filled by DCC and a total of £50,000,000 saved at end of 2010.  DCC on target at present to meet 2011 expenses.  The number of directors cut on the executive.  Major Business Forum being held at town hall Tiverton on 6th July on economic regeneration. Noted Mr Radford had agreed to change his grant from the purchase of salt to the purchase of the two notice boards and details of bank account given to him for payment from DCC to be made.  Clerk to supply a copy of invoice from Greenbarnes.  Roads in need of attention and potholes listed by him for highways department together with need of verge cutting in parish.

      Thanks given for details to Mr. Radford. 

Payment of Accounts

      Details of the following accounts were presented by clerk for payment noting that amount of two payments not confirmed.  Mrs. C. Williams had agreed with £50.00 as previous year.  This was proposed by Mr. Pike seconded by Mr. Drew and agreed.  Audit Fee was expected to be £120.00 plus VAT and this would require payment before next meeting, proposed Mr. Hill seconded Mrs. Hay and agreed, payment be made.  Website payment Mr. G. Weekes, Mr. Hill proposed and Mrs. Hay seconded payment to be made after clerk contact him for details and liaise on amounts with chairman up to £150 -£200.  This was agreed by all. 


      Copy of East and Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership newsletter for spring.  DCC Emergency newsletter & details of team members.  “InTouch” monthly newsletter of DCC and “Parish Matters” of District Council.  Paths Partnership newsletter.  BSG notice of AGM and thanks to Clayhidon Parish Council for past support.  Notice of two fundraising events at Parish Hall: A) Growling Old Men 20th September. B) Ancient Strings & Fabulous Things 9th November. 

Planning Notices

      Permission to Mr. J. Kidner, Moorview for change of use of the land to domestic garden and erection of general purpose building with carport.  This had been received between meetings with no objections raised.  Listed building consent and Full Permission to St. Andrew's Church for the erection of extension for toilet facilities with store. 

Planning Notice Revised Mr. Coate

      Revised construction of stable block to form holiday accommodation at the Riding Stables, Garlandhays.  Change in part of roof from corrugated roof sheeting two Redland Cumbrian artificial slates as agreed with planning officer.  No objections raised by Parish Council.  Mr. T Purvis drew attention to the fact that Mr. Coate had been dumping site waste from the conversion in a field / quarry across from his entrance owned by Mr P Govier of Wiltown Farm.  Mr. Purvis had made contact with Mr. Govier and Mid Devon Council in regard to this, but more materials still being dumped on site where other plastic waste from bales being dumped by Mr. Govier.  Possible site now for vermin.  Noted neighbours to Mr. Govier had problems from his cattle / sheep not being fenced in and looking for food.  After a general discussion on problems in the area and Parish Council asked to take up this matter, agreed Mr. Govier not allowed to create waste site by allowing building waste to be dumped on his land as a license required, clerk to contact the Environment Agency to bring to their attention. 

General Business

      Mr. Bendle drew attention to a recent conversation with Mrs H Stallard of Hemyock Parish Council in regard to meeting at Forbes Room in the Hemyock to discuss their Housing Trust plans on 15th June at 7.30 PM.  This was a new scheme and may be of use for Clayhidon.  Noted that some members would attend for information. 

Covered drains

      Noted some drains in Rosemary Lane and Callers Lane were still covered with tape or had been tarmaced over including water stop cocks cover.  Details taken by Mr. Radford. 

Parish Council Service

      Although a letter of thanks for the years of service given on the parish council had been sent to Mr. Hudson and Miss Ward as agreed by the clerk, agreed now to purchase and present each with a book token for £25.00.  This was proposed by Mr. Bendle seconded by Mr. Pike and agreed.  Consideration given to making of presentation at the erection of noticeboard in Rosemary Lane. 

Next Meeting

      As there was no other business, the Chairman then thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting after it was agreed that date of the next meeting at the Church Room of 8th August, 2011.