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Minutes for March 2011

Clayhidon Parish Council

A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 14th March 2011 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.

The following Business was brought before the council:-

  1. Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.
  2. Matters arising from the minutes.
  3. Payment of Accounts.
  4. Royal Wedding Commemoration.
  5. Correspondence.
  6. General business.
  7. Charity Business


Mr MJ Hudson, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Miss J Ward; Mrs S Hay; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr ME Bendle; Dist. Councillor FJ Rosamond; Parishioners Mrs P Reynolds; Mrs C Williams; Mr R Jeffery; and Mr MC Osmond, clerk


An apology was given for County Councillor RF Radford


The minutes of meeting 10th January 2011 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed after the Chairman opened the meeting and gave a welcome to all present.

Matters arising

Blocked drain at Belletts & Parish Hall was noted, but Mr. Radford not present to reply. Drain at Hall was due to be cleared end of month, stated by Mr. Pike after speaking to brother. Clerk had spoken to Mr. Radford asking for any matters outstanding. The matter of the purchase of £300 worth of salt was raised and he was now in agreement for this grant to be used for purchase of Parish Notice-boards. More background details given by Chairman to those present, with the purchase of salt put on hold.

Burrow Farm Building

Noted the new owner of field, Burrow Farm, had been granted planning permission for livestock building. Mr. Kallaway had spoken to planning officer about lack of plan details and no water on the site but officer had replied in this case enough detail and it could have been granted on Prior Notification rules system.


Chairman gave details from the latest price catalogue from Greenbarnes Ltd for one oak manufactured and one aluminium, of similar size. Members agreed now no glass front door required as posters were either laminated or plastic protected. Members thought that it should be A2 size and have “Parish Council” name on it. Prices were discussed. After a general discussion it was proposed by Mr. Kallaway seconded by Mr. Pike and agreed, two Notice-boards be purchased, A) Rosemary Lane (Roseleigh), B) Wiltown area, site to be confirmed. Made of oak, A2 size, no glass door, “Parish Council” name on it. Noted name printing was extra cost.

Ford Street, hedge around pole

Noted the overgrown hedge around pole not at present cut, but Mr. Bendle stated he had contacted Mr. Pocock owner, for it to be done. Raised at the same time was the matter of overgrown fir trees in the garden of Jack's House which now affected road visibility. Noted this was a highways matter for them to get owner to trim back.

Parish Council Website

Chairman gave the latest background detail as now up and running. Mr. Week's would incorporate latest minutes as received. Miss Ward would proofread minutes before publication on site.

Planning Decision

Application for conversion of riding stable for holiday accomodation had been granted to Mr. M Coate of Garlandhayes.

Budget Report & Meeting, Phoenix House

Mr. Kallaway gave a short report on workings at Phoenix House departments and afternoon meeting on District Council budget proposals with Chief Executive. Members present had been able to give parish concerns in discussions. Interesting day spent at Phoenix House, well suited to a Parish Councillor.

Planning Applications

Clerk had attended recent annual clerks meeting with District Council officers and arising from presentation by J Guscott Head of Planning no decision at present as going to committee, proposed that in order to save money, photocopying and posting to Parish Councils would cease and be sent electronically only, for Parish Councils to download and print off copies as needed. Many Parish Councils not in favour. Details of applications published only in Mid Devon Star paper. Noted copies of this free paper not distributed in Clayhidon. General discussion on this proposal, Mr. Rosamond gave further details to members and if more copies would be available at Hemyock for collection.

Blocked Drain at Hall

Noted the drain was still blocked and receipt of letter from Mrs. P. Reynolds of Hidon Mill was noted. Proposed to clear end of March.

Middleton Barton

Discussion on the road at Middleton Barton as the road was now made narrow from overgrown willows at side of road. Item for highways.

Affordable Home Hidon Fields

Chairman gave the latest known details on the house as now a parishioner had been contacted having shown an interest to occupy. Details also given on the joint questionnaire on affordable and other home needs in parish running jointly with Hemyock Parish Council.

Mr F. Rosamond District Councillor

Mr. Rosamond gave a short report to meeting. No increase in the Council Tax and no cutting of services to district from this. There would still be core funding to outside organisations but each one being looked at before. Pressure on the Council for next year due to government cutbacks in funding. Noted census, District and Parish Council elections shortly to organize. Application received from the “Tribe of Doris” for their annual event. This was taken up and discussed on effect of making replies of concerns of noise levels. District Council had now produced its “Charter” for Parishes and taken into consideration comments from consultations made. Parishes invited to sign up to this “Charter”. This would be read and noted as only just received. Details given on targets reached for waste collection and recycle goods from which sales of collected items being sold brought in income to reduce the cost of service. Thanks given for details.

Payment of Accounts

Noted this was the last meeting in financial year and details given by clerk for payments presented after members discussed grant for Blackdown Support Group and agreed at £425.00. Members agreed payment to Clayhidon Parish Hall for use of hall for past year's meeting at present £148.00 but as a further special meeting to be held, final amount not known possibly 2 hours at £8.00. It was proposed by Miss J Ward seconded by Mr. M Bendle and agreed the following payments be made. To include payments for the two new notice-boards if received before next meeting at a cost of £580 - £600 with VAT from Greenbarns Ltd.

Blackdown Support Group Grant £ 425.00
Exeter Glebe Board Rent of Field £ 250.00
MJ Hudson Telephone expenses £ 50.00
WD Hortop Printing Minutes £ 120.00
M Osmond Salary £ 800.00
M Osmond Petty Cash Expenses etc. £ 107.67
Mrs S Hay Footpath Admin. expenses £ 25.00
Clayhidon Parish Hall Meetings £ 156.00
Greenbarns Ltd Notice-boards £ 712.86

Royal Wedding Commemoration

Chairman had requested this item on agenda for discussion as he had been asked to present any mugs at the planned “Street Party” organized by Friends of St Andrew's on Saturday 30th April 2pm - 4.00pm @ £2.50 per head. Chairman had made some enquiries on source for mugs but no price available. Clerk had been in Taunton and had made enquiries with County Stores to supply in bulk if needed. A bone China one had been purchased for self and this had same printing as the mug on offer. Portraits of William and Kate's in colour in large size, blue background in corners, initials in gold entwined in scroll effect. This was seen by members. Cost of mug was £3.00. General discussion on age to receive a mug and number required. Mr. Bendle had obtained some information on number in their age groups of four years. Agreed children up to and inclusive of 15 years. Possible total of around 71. Members agreed event should be marked noting there would be another royal event next year of Queen's Jubilee. Proposed by Mr. Kallaway seconded by Miss Ward (number to be confirmed) mugs from Norfolk China be purchased to commemorate the event. This was agreed by all. Clerk to order and pay for mugs as at present possible 71 it was noted sold in pack of a dozen, so 72 @ cost of £216.00. Cheque signed for payment.


DCC “Social Care for Adults” details of contact points and services available. DALC March newsletter. “Village Green”, Mid Devon details of “Green Infrastructure” strategy with timetable planned. Devon and Somerset Fire Service - draft corporate plan consultation questionnaire. This was completed on behalf of the Parish Council. Mid Devon “Issues & Options” report in advance of new “Planning Policy” before being presented to Committee at listed Town Councils. To be followed by public consultation period. DCC “Minerals & Waste” options consultation paper on view at District & County Council offices. Copy of the DCC monthly newsletter “In touch”. Devon Playing Fields Ass'n quarterly publication. Other correspondence received was listed and noted.

Planning Applications

St. Andrew's Church, revised application with the Listed Building Consent for erection of toilet and store block. No objections to application. Application by Mr. B Shipton, Stidwell, Wiltown for the erection of extension and the erection of replacement garage and workshop. This was discussed with no objection to the application being made.

Clerk PAYE

Notice had been received that from 6th April 2011 Parish Council to operate PAYE and NIC on income to clerks. Part-time status removed. Previous instructions removed and no longer to be followed. Councillors not aware of this change. Clerk to register Parish Council as an employer for this requirement.

Parish Council Elections

Clerk had received “Election Packs” for distribution in the parish, but up to date register for latest numbers to be used awaited.

Footpaths and Survey

Mrs. S Hay Footpath Coordinator gave the latest details on status of footpaths, also of public meeting held in Hall for those interested to be involved in parish survey and upkeep. The meeting was attended by a small number of enthusiastic persons. Some of the footpaths walked and should be completed by the end of the month. Then the repairs needed to be done can be put in order. Item of this survey to be put into the next “Pump” together with any other information available. Thanks given for the details.

General business

Noted the “Parish Quiz” on the 18th March at the Hall and team sought from the Parish Council.

State of Roads

Further discussion on parish roads in need of attention and the list was made for attention of Mr. W Pike Highways department.

Community Hills Plan

The Chairman gave the latest details to the meeting on the aims of this grouping together in preparation of a plan of area needs.

Neroche Plans Publication

Copies of the “Along the Wild Edge” publication were available for collection at St Ivel House in Hemyock. This was a comprehensive publication on the future. There was an aim for a copy to each house but, for Clayhidon, the delivery for this would not be easy, so collection point for those interested best solution.

Cycle Venue

Mr. Bendle drew attention to request for an overnight venue needed in parish for touring party of cyclists and Garland's Bower could be used if Parish Council agreed. After a further details given this was agreed and would be told to neighbours for information.

Planning Application Mister G. Langford

A planning application had just been received on behalf of Mr & Mrs G. Langford, Great Garland Hayes Farm for two wind turbines. Outline details given to the meeting. Members agreed a special meeting should be held for those interested, to make any comments to Parish Council before response made. To be held on 21st or 24th March at parish hall as hall available. Clerk to inform Mr. Langford of meeting for his information when date confirmed.

Next Meeting

As there was no other business, the Chairman then thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting after it was agreed the date of the next meeting on 16th May 2011 at the Church Room.