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Minutes for May 2011

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 16th May 2011 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm

The following Business was brought before the council:-

1.             Signing of “Declaration of Acceptance of Office” forms

2.             Election of Chairman

3.             Election of Vice Chairman

4.             Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

5.             Matters arising from the minutes

6.             Payment of Accounts

7.             Parish Council Accounts – Audit – Auditor

8.             Correspondence

9.             General business

Mr RM Kallaway Vice Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mrs S Hay; Mr AGS Hill; Mr ME Bendle; Mr RW Drew; Dist. Councillor FJ Rosamond; Parishioners Mrs P Reynolds; Mr B Clowney; Mrs A Weeks; Mr N Carter; Mr J Bimson; Mr Long; Mr Frankton and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.


All Councillors signed their “Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Parish Councillors” for the meeting to commence.
On the opening the meeting Mr. Kallaway welcomed the new Councillors to the meeting and also the parishioners present.  He wished to record the past service of Mr. MJ Hudson retiring Chairman and Miss J Ward not elected and this was endorsed by members.  Agreed, letter of thanks to each.

Election of Chairman

Mr. Pike proposed and Mr. Redwood seconded Mr. RM Kallaway as chairman.  As there were no other nominations, this was agreed.  Mr. Kallaway, on his election, thanked members for his election and their support to carry out the office as Chairman.

Election of Vice Chairman

Mr. Bendle proposed and Mr. Pike seconded Mr. AFJ Redwood as Vice Chairman.  As there were no other nominations this was agreed.  On his selection, Mr. Redwood wished to thank members for his election.

“Pump” Report

Noted that in the past Miss Ward had put a report of Meeting in the “Pump” magazine.  After a discussion on interval pattern of meetings and magazine copy deadline, members agreed to change pattern by bringing forward next meeting from July to June then at two months again.  This would give extra time for meeting deadline for insertion.  Mrs. S Hay agreed to give this a trial, if possible with her work pattern.  Thanks given to her.

The minutes of previous meetings 14th March & 21st March, 2011 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.

Matters arising

No further details available on the Middleton Barton road where overgrown willows restricted road width.  Mr. Pike would raise matter with his brother as to who would be responsible.

Belletts drain

Mr. Redwood stated this was still blocked but as Mr. Radford not present, not able to ask for any comments as to when clearing.

Notice Boards

Clerk stated these were to be delivered on Wednesday.  Site to be confirmed for the Wiltown / Applehayes area.

Ford Street Hedge

Noted Mr. Pocock had not at present cut back overgrown hedge.

Parish Website

Noted this was being well used and thanks given.  Noted that Parish Council consider costs involved in setting up and running at time of other publicity grants made.

Planning Notices to Parishes

This had gone to committee for decision and they had agreed not to change over to electronic mail to councils.  Noted, if a change made, saving in costs made, but Parish Councils would need to make copies.

Affordable home, Hidon Fields

This was discussed, Mr. Rosamond stated of this being 40% ownership and 60% with housing association.  Still no agreement on price.  Mr. Rosamond agreed to make further enquiries on the Council’s behalf.

“Royal Wedding”

All agreed a well attended and enjoyed “Street Party” on the Saturday afternoon.  Noted not all of the mugs purchased at present distributed to the parish children.  Agreed letter of thanks to be sent to “Friends of St Andrew’s” for the refreshments.

Clerk PAYE

Clerk stated he had contacted Inland Revenue and would need to register month before payment at end of year.


“Tribe of Doris”
Noted letters sent to neighbours near site but no correspondence to Parish Council.  Noted no environmental staff on site last year to monitor noise levels.  Concerns expressed on noise level to Mr. Rosamond as to what levels they were if no staff present to record them.

Mrs. Hay stated the survey was now completed.  Now to put in order for repairs or attention.  Mr. Drew drew attention to a broken gate and style at Callers Farm.  This would be for county to repair from their budget, as responsible.  Noted that due to present balance in Footpath a/c no grant for 2011.

Ford Street Hill
The salting of Ford Street in winter had been raised with SCC and the reply received was read.  Although Wrangway salted for lorries, Ford Street would be included in the list for consideration of adding to salting of roads next year.

Wind Turbines, Mr. G. Langford
Further details received for consideration from planning department.  As now greater depth of detail map being used in addition to photo montages to confirm how close other properties were.  In view of this being technical matter, outside of Parish Council comment.

Smeatharpe Air Field
Mr. Long of Smeatharpe being present was asked to speak on letter received in regard to use of part of the airfield at present for banger racing with the limit of 17 events per year.  Now advertised were to be “drifting demonstrations”, vehicles moving along in a skid.  These would not be racing events.  Possible noise different and sustained in length.  Residents wished Mid Devon District Council to place, on their part of their airfield (as part in East Devon District Council area), Noise Abatement Order, as in operation on the East Devon part.  Petition for this on going and noted Dunkeswell Parish Council had put their name to the open letter for this.  Background history of airfield given as now operated under a “Certificate of Lawful Use” which limited racing events to 17 per year.  If a “Noise Abatement Order” placed on site this would impose limit on type of noise generated and not the level.  After a general discussion, noting that Parish Council over the years had taken noise from airfield with enforcement department, members agreed to add Clayhidon Parish Council to those seeking the Order.  Thanks given to Mr. Long for details and attending.

Recycle Compost Site, Uffculme.
Mr. J Bimson had written to Parish Council in regard to compost recycle site at Madgelake Uffculme which had been used by many people but now possible grant being cut, financial problems.  Mr. Rosamond agreed to contact officers for details and if Mr. Radford could help also.


Payment of Accounts.
The following payments were proposed by Mr. Pike seconded by Mr. Drew and agreed.  A payment had been made between meetings to meet deadline.


Devon Ass’n of Local Councils

Sub + VAT

£     92.79

Community First

Insurance premium

£   170.10

Devon Playing Fields Ass’n


£     35.00


Year End Accounts
Clerk had prepared year end March 2011 accounts and a bank statement had confirmed balances of accounts.  Copies already given to members for information.  Details reviewed to members of years receipts and payments after which Mr. Redwood proposed and Mr. Hill seconded they be adopted is correct.  This was agreed by all Receipt / Payment book signed by Chairman with statement for publication.


Audit 2011
Clerk had prepared audit statement details taken from year’s accounts.  Mr. Pike proposed and Mr. Drew seconded these be signed as correct by Chairman and Clerk.  The Annual Governance Statement was read and completed after it was proposed by Mr. Redwood, seconded by Mr. Bendle and agreed.


Internal Auditor Mrs. C. Williams
Clerk had spoken to Mrs. C. Williams who was willing to do this again for another year if council wished, proposed by Mr. Redwood seconded by Mr. Bendle and agreed


Bank Mandate HSBC
As Mr. Hudson was no longer a councillor a change in signature was required.  Clerk had obtained from HSBC for completion a mandate for change.  The required resolution of mandate was read and agreed.  Proposed by Mr. Bendle and seconded by Mr. Hill, chairman sign to confirm.  Mr. Kallaway new signatory.


District Councillor Mr.F.J Rosamond
Chairman welcomed Mr. Rosamond after his election again for another term.  Agreed that as District and County Councillors at times had other meetings to attend would give the early spot for report in the agenda of business.  Chief Executive had retired and now with acting officer.  Possible share with North Devon.  Short report on business, looking at budgets for cost saving.  Following District elections, the Conservatives now in control of Council.  He was at present leader of the Independents.  Future cuts in monies of £500 – 600,000 in income.  Awaited Planning Plan published, details being discussed.  Barn conversion criteria of particular interest as some refused in parish.  Period of consultation noted.  Mr. Rosamond stated of need to comment to get barn conversions into Policy for granting.  Agreed to have a subcommittee meet at Crosses Farm 6th June at 7.30 to make a response on published plan.  Thanks given for report.


DCC “In Touch” monthly newsletter.  “Devon Playing Fields” spring newsletter.  DALC May newsletter.  DCC Highways notice of road closure in September at Hidon Fields for drainage works from new homes at Half Moon Inn.  Devon County Council and Somerset County Council making joint bid to Government for funds to provide super fast and better broadband to homes / business in area.


Planning Application
Mr. J Kidner Moorview – erection of general purpose building and carport.  Change of use of agricultural land for domestic garden.  No objections as sensible size building, little affect to neighbours of the erection site.  Permission to Mr. B Shipton, Stidwells for the erection of extension of replacement garage and workshop.  Other correspondence received was listed and noted by members


General business roads
Mr. Pike had raised with brother need for a new salt bin at top of Battle Street as damaged in winter.  Salt bin on Bolham Hill to be lifted upright again.  Matters for highways listed to include Smeatharpe road, drain at Belletts and road from hall up, Battle Street.


Next meeting
As there was no other business, the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting after it was agreed the date of next meeting at Church Room of the 13th June 2011