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Minutes for November 2002

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 11th November 2002 in the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30 pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-

1.   Confirmation of Minutes of previous meeting.

2.   Matters arising from the Minutes.

3.   Payment of Accounts.

4.   Parish Council vacancy

5.   Correspondence.

6.   General Business.

7.   Charity Meeting.


PRESENT: Mr ME Bendle, Mr M J Hudson, Mr AF Redwood, Mr RJ Pike, Miss J Ward, Mr, Mr J Berry - County Councillor, Mr F Rosamond - Dist. Councillor, Mr, Mr & Mrs A Hill, Mr Stuart Howell County Footpath Officer & Mr– clerk


COUNCIL VACANCY: On opening the meeting, the chairman welcomed those present, he moved the item of Parish Council vacancy to the start and confirmed he had spoken to Mr G Langford who was willing to be co-opted and was present. It was proposed by Mr Hudson and seconded by Mr Kallaway and agreed by all he be co-opted. Mr Langford agreed to sign the Register of Interests & code of Practice Declaration.


MINUTES: Minutes of Meeting 2nd September were read, confirmed & signed, the minutes of the special meetings of Post Office & Hill Farm events were signed.


MATTERS ARISING: Mr Purvis’ “Certificate of Use”, Kingsmead – no correspondence received.

   Mr Napper, enforcement decision, no further correspondence.


BRADBEERS: A further application had been made by Mr RJ Blackmore for old barns, and this would meet the objections of the previous application refused. The Parish Council had supported this application again.


JACK’S HOUSE: As this application had been refused by Mid Devon, an appeal had been made by exchange of statements, no decision received.


AUDIT COUNCIL ACCOUNTS: The Audit by the internal Auditor had been completed, passed & then forwarded to the external Auditor for the District Audit.


JUBILEE EVENT: The Chairman noted accounts now paid & gave details of statement to members, noted still a few mugs left for purchase. A loss on the Hog Roast, but the bar had made a profit and this to be put into account for use at future event, the clerk had confirmed this could only go into a High Street account as Parish Councils not allowed to invest in high risk. It was also noted that two new families had children, members agreed they should receive a mug each. Members agreed cheque of £21.86 be paid to Mr Bendle to pay expenses incurred at Hog Roast. Ticket sales £2182, expenses £2335.96 (note: this included £30.00 Children’s Party food) Loss over w/e event £153.96. Bar profit £405.00, this would cover loss and leave monies for future functions. Thanks given to Chairman for details and for event at Gollick Park.


JUBILEE PLAQUE: The Chairman had contacted Mr T Humphries, Hall Committee Chairman, agreement for plaque at hall but noted need of new clock inside of hall. After discussion members agreed to donate a clock to hall, cost of near £50 at Porter & Fry, Wellington; proposed by Mr Hudson, seconded Mr Pike and agreed. Sub committee, Mr Hudson, Mr Redwood, & Mr Humphries to purchase it including a plaque with suitable text to note Jubilee gift.


ROADS: Meeting with W Pike, had visited sites in need of attention, but only so much could be done. Signs noted for replacement, concern over time re. replacement by highways. Mr Berry suggested that Mr Wrigley be written a letter and copy to him then he could ask when they will do it.


MR STUART HOWELL, FOOTPATHS OFFICER: Chairman welcomed him to the meeting, he was pleased to attend, but as was new to the job, did not know all the problems. He had worked for the D.C.C. 7 years as a ranger, late of Grand Western Canal. Mid Devon at present in Best Value audit on “Rights of Way” of which 80 – 90% in district easy to use and 40% need more resources. Paths being put in groups of length & grade of walking. Some details given on “3P” scheme with funds for this; noted, Hemyock involved in this. (Parish Paths Partnership). Money available to the miles of path, training given in areas needing maintaining, signposting & survey. Blackdown Partnership possible source of extra funds. Maps available from Ordinance Survey to be bought. Quality of maps discussed and if latest edition. Members agreed to hold public meeting at hall, with Mr Reynolds on return from holiday; with Ros Davies, county officer; slide show plus representative from Hemyock 3 ‘P’ scheme. Thanks were given to Mr Howell for attending also note he attend public meeting.


MR J. BERRY, COUNTY COUNCILLOR: A short report was given on the next year’s budget, cuts to be made, difficult decisions possible 4%, highways to be maintained, bus service under review, summary given on D.C.C. care for foster children, at present 750. Cost of £23000 per child per year. Effects of climate change on county, resources needed. Youth lead supported in water for 3rd World. Exeter airport new runway. Sidmouth to Weymouth, World Heritage site with publicity create revenue for the local area parishes. State of roads raised by members, stated Clayhidon got poor value from D.C.C. Thanks given to him for attending, had to leave for another meeting.


PAYMENT OF ACCOUNTS: The finances of the Parish Hall and the grant made to the church for upkeep of Churchyard discussed by members, hired a machine to cut churchyard, in 2003 wishing to have it cut regularly by someone on a paid fee. Thought, churchyard for the parish whether church or not to be buried, so grant could be made. Claim for £200 grant by Parish Council had been made by clerk to District Council, but as limited budget, % grant from them had been reduced. Mr Hudson would obtain details of costs for 2003 to enable Parish Council to make grant agreed. Mr Kallaway proposed a grant of £1000 for Parish Hall, seconded Mr Pike, agreed by all. Mr Kallaway proposed, seconded Miss Ward, £200 grant to Clayhidon Church Council, agreed by all. Mr Hudson proposed, seconded Mr Redwood, the following payments:-


                                    Mid Devon Dist. Council “Loan”      £150.00

                                    Hemyock Church “Pump”                    £25.00

                                    M.E. Bendle        Jubilee                      £21.86



CORRESPONDENCE: Notice of next “Culm Area Committee” Mr Rosamond gave brief details of the agenda items. Blackdown Support Group’s appeal for more helpers for the area. Hall committee “Annual Quiz”, Mr Pike would organise a Parish Council team to enter. Notice of D.A.P.C. annual general meeting. Commission for Racial Equality copy of Policy. Notice, subscription D.A.P.C. 2003/04 £55. Mid Devon notice of grant aid to sports projects. Notice, District Chairman wishing to attend Parish Council meeting, new date to be given. Mid Devon bulky waste collection service, new charge rates £11.75 for 4 items.


PLANNING: Copy of Mid Devon, Planning guidance “draft policy affordable housing”

Mrs J Govier, Willtown Fatm, replacement of existing windows (listed building) no objections. D.C.C. monthly news letter. Blackdown Hills news letter & copy of “Feasibility” study on Off Road Ridge Route for Blackdown Hills. Mid Devon – planning guidance on “Telecommunications masts” for district.


FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2002: Notice & copy of Model Publication Scheme for Town/ Parish Councils to be completed 31st Dec. 2002 plus details from N.A.L.C. on the three options of choice.A.) Standard Basic Scheme,  B.) Std. Scheme with optional extras,  C.) Bespoke Scheme. Members discussed and noted details to be published, minutes, accounts & how to be published. After discussion it was agreed Mr D Hortop be asked to make a computer copy of minutes for file and publication (12 copies) payment to be on rate per hour as clerk. Proposed by Mr Hudson, seconded Mr Pike & agreed by all that the following resolution be adopted:-   “Clayhidon Parish Council acknowledges the duty placed upon it by the freedom of Information Act 2000 to adopt and maintain a publication scheme. The Council resolves to adopt Model Scheme for Local Councils (Core Classes Only)”. Cost of providing copy of past minutes at the rate charged or time taken agreed.



STATE OF ROADS: A general discussion re. ongoing problems, Chairman noted items for attention of W. Pike; Deadbeer culvert, potholes/surface condition Callers Lane, Battle Street, Middleton – Smeatharpe, Hall to Wiltown, Safe dumped in Smith’s Lane; clerk to contact Somerset County Council. Various signs missing from posts. Need for ploughing of ditches in parish before winter including Grace & Payne hill. A site meeting with Mr Mitchard proposed.


HILL FARM FESTIVALS: Mr Hudson attended a Licence Committee review on events 18th October, format of questions only. Noted, did put unacceptable burden on people in area and an amendment was added to report from parishes. More restrictive conditions on events. Discussion made if any appeal possible.


P.O. CLOSURE: Noted, no correspondence received from parishioners for new post Office site. Agreed further item in “Pump” for options or assistance.


JUBILEE MUGS: Chairman stated if “Kerr” family with four children, on border in Churchstanton parish involved in parish, as there are surplus mugs, presentation should be made; agreed by all. Also agreed to publish mugs for sale to parishioners for Christmas gifts.


DISTRICT COUNCILLOR: Mr Rosamond gave brief report on items of interest, flood prevention scheme, Council house stock, shortfall in funds for improvements, community planning, “Budget” review 21% increase, Audit Commission review ov District Council. St Ivel site now moving forward, Station Road housing/sport site at the Regional Government Office awaiting decision. Thanks given for details.


NEXT MEETING: Agreed date of next meeting Monday 13th January at Parish Hall after which the members were thanked for attending and the meeting closed.