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Minutes for October 2011

Clayhidon Parish Council

A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 10th October 2011 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.

The following Business was brought before the council:-
1. Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.
2. Matters arising from the minutes
    A) Ten Oaks Mobile Home
    B) Community Land Trust
3. Payment of Accounts
4. Reports of County / District Councillors
5. Correspondence
6. General business
    A) Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations
    B) Waste Tipping Smeatharpe Stadium.

Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr ME Bendle; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RW Drew; Mr AGS Hill; Mrs S Hay; County Councillor Mr RF Radford; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; Parishioners Mr B Clowney; Mr N Carter; Mrs B Hill; Mrs P Reynolds; Mr T Reynolds; Mr & Mrs G Meade; and Mr MC Osmond, clerk

No apologies were received for unable to attend.
On opening the meeting, the Chairman gave a welcome to all present.

The minutes of the meeting 8th August 2011 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.

Matters Arising
Noted the report in “Pump” of previous meeting in regard to the mobile home “Ten Oaks” had not included it was in a field which was not now part of Burrow Farm after being sold. As Mr. Kallaway was a landowner near site, the Vice Chairman Mr. Redwood took over the chairmanship. An enforcement officer had visited the site and planning permission was required for it, a planning application was awaited, matter on hold until decision made for it. Then, if refused, enforcement action would be used to remove. As there was parishioner’s concern over another home being put in field to live in, meeting opened for those present to speak. More details given by District Councillor. Views expressed by those present noted, but until an application was received, could not go any further to form a response on it.

Community Land Trust
Mr. Callaway took over the chairmanship again and gave details of contacts with Mrs. H. Stallard of Hemyock Parish Council. Noted Clayhidon with Hemyock in an affordable housing stock. The meeting had been good, Hemyock had been working with Falcon Housing for the short window of funds available. Clayhidon had no registered land at present to build on. Partnership with a Housing Association required, it is early stages in events but he thought it was the best avenue for Clayhidon. Limited liability on the Parish Council. District councillor gave more details on how the scheme works, possible shared ownership with any dwellings built. Any exception sites in the parish to be noted for consideration. After a general discussion by members, no objections raised to being involved with the Hemyock.

Notice Board 
Mr. Drew stated he had contacted Mr. M. Coates in regard to a site for the notice board in that area and he had offered the site of former kiosk for it. All agreed to this site for area.

Access to Website
Noted the access improved as Mr. Weekes wished but at present the cost not known. Parishioners present stated that it was working well.

“Drifting” Stadium
Noted this had been held on the first Sunday of month. Noise from this heard in parts of the parish and was affected by wind direction & strength.

Parish Quiz Presentation
Noted this to be held at end of month and it was agreed a suitable event for the Parish Council to make a gift presentations to Miss J Ward and to Mr. MJ Hudson for their past services to parish as Parish Councillors.

Affordable Home
Chairman reported on work by C. Simmonds in contact with the developer to get an agreement to go forward, response from him awaited.

State of Roads
Noted that repairs listed at previous meeting had taken place or were in hand. The parish "Lengthsman" had been in parish and cleared the drains. Thanks given to Mr. Radford for work done.

AONB Election
Further to correspondence for nominations to fill vacancy, ballot paper now received for voting. A) Mr. Charles Isdell-Carpenter of Churchstanton Parish Council. B) Mr. Bruce Payne of Wellington Without Council. After a general discussion on statements, agreed Mr. C Isdell-Carpenter to be voted for.

Planning Decision
Decisions received were listed and noted for inspection by those present. Mr. R Drew, Mr. P. Morgan, Mr. B Shipton, Miss A. Williams.

Septic Tanks Waste Discharge
Arising from previous meeting outline of the requirements had been put on the website. General discussion on proposals as different details being given by Environment Agency and other organisations.

Salt Bin / Salt
Noted salt bins in parish had been filled up, but damaged one at top of Battle Street not replaced and water could dissolve contents. Noted Mr. Pike and Mr. Drew willing to act as Wardens in parish for DCC scheme. Option of size listed by Mr. Radford and agreed 4 tonne in dump-bags and 1 tonne in 25 kg bags. Noted wardens would need to attend a training session as part of scheme, details for this awaited.

Waste Material Mr. P Govier
Noted that more material now on site. Visit had been made by the Environment Agency. Clerk to contact agency again agreed.

County Councillor  R. Radford
 Mr. Radford was able to report that potholes drawn to his attention had been filled. A replacement salt bin offered to parish to replace broken one at top of Battle Street. Details of savings made from staff redundancies of £6.8 million also 30 senior managers posts removed. Details of the other savings listed. Fly tipping increased in county from increased rates on some items. County presentation at Hemyock 1st December to give details of savings / expenditure. Residential Homes of DCC to remain in the DCC ownership and no closures proposed. County able to support “Villages in Action” with funding and particular thanks given to him for this, as this was of benefit to parish in fundraising and program was always well liked.

Smeatharpe Stadium
Noted application made for 5000 tonnes of waste material to be dumped at Smeatharpe Stadium for racing height also to add to present bank. Not known from where been obtained or what the material is, as it was noted there was fast drainage from stadium to river as there had been pollution from general site of stadium before. Concern and over number of lorries required and how long this would take. The long-term view was discussed if it were to become a waste site. No correspondence at present but noted DCC was to make the decision on application. Mr. Rosamond not aware of the application at time of meeting. Thanks were given by the chairman to Mr. Radford for the report given.

District Councillor Mr. F. Rosamond
 Details given that budget was under control and the balance in hand set aside. Freeze on the council tax. Further cut in grants. Audit Commission noted the controls in the hand of the Council. The waste collection to be reviewed after government statement on weekly collections, further details awaited. Council houses having Solar Panels fitted on roofs and the costs for this borne by the contractor, with feed in tariff until March. Shared services, now halted with North Devon, as a new Council in place. District Council “grants” still available as no cut in total amount only a change in priority to receive. A cut of £2000 in grants next year 
to “Villages in Action”. Other details proposed to save on costs given and discussed by members. After which thanks given for the report. 

Mid Devon copies of “Parish Matters” for August and September. Notice of bank credit of £140.00 as Churchyard Grant 2011. Questionnaire on District Council priorities for 2012-2015 after a general discussion agreed Chairman and Vice-chairman make the response for Parish Council. Neroche Project- details of proposed walking route – Hemyock – Staple Hill possible details sought in the future, of landowners. DCC copies of “Intouch” newsletter for August and September. Notice of lighting period being reduced for street light at Oakleigh houses. Boundary commission, notice of a review of Parliamentary constituencies now on their website for response. Other correspondence received listed and noted.

Planning applications
Mr R. McCollum, Ash Cottage, Smeatharpe, erection of garage. As this was at the rear of property this raised no problems, no objections. Mr. RJ Sheare, New Gorwell Farm, construction of roof over livestock feeding area. Cut pollution risk, no effect on area around, applications supported.

Audit Commission
Noted audit return received and no matters raised by the Auditor on the accounts of year 2010. Copy posted for viewing by Clerk as required. Also and account paid:- fee £120.00 plus £24.00 VAT

General Business

Church Field use, Dr. & Mrs. Scott
Chairman had stated of request received from Dr. & Mrs Scott, Glebe Barn for use of church field for a wedding reception. After a site inspection with them with Vice Chairman and Churchwarden present, noted, far corner of field adjoins their property. Access to field through a former field gateway from Glebe Barn. Noted a water ditch which went across the field had been cleaned out without Council being aware of this although landowner. This now was a cause of concern as crossing of this was required from any car parking in the field. Dr. & Mrs. Scott had been advised that although the Parish Council had no objections to being used at present time, the matter needed to be checked for Public Liability with Insurers who may not agree, as being high risk. Members agreed clerk to find policy for sub-committee meeting at home of Vice Chairman and the “Letting Agreement” from Diocesan Glebe Board. 

Jack’s House
Attention was drawn again to the overgrown branches from hedge at Jack’s House, by Mr. R Pike and supported by Mr. G Meade to the problems this caused to road users. Noted by Mr. R. Radford.

Lane End
Noted that people riding horses along bridleway were speeding along and this was a safety concern at the end of it.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee June 2012
The Chairman opened the meeting to those present to know how this should be celebrated noting that it was suggested a “Beacon” be erected and lit at the same time as others across the country, correspondence had been received to register if wishing to partake. Sir Nigel Essenhigh was willing to be involved with this and sites were noted. Also a marquee was going to be available for use if wished as offered very kindly by Mr. & Mrs. R Pike to be sited at Lytchett Farm after being used for wedding reception. In conclusion agreed a working group to be set up to organize any event with an advert to be placed in “Pump” magazine for those interested to assist. Mr. M Bendle agreed to act as coordinator also from Parish Council Mr. R Drew. Possible moneys from Parish Council for this but awaited feedback from working group on possible amount.

Cameo Club
Mr. R Pike spoke of work of organisation in Hemyock for the surrounding area which included Clayhidon and as doing more was in need of any financial help available. In reply the Chairman had stated that any application received would be considered noting it also supported Blackdown Support Group.

Next Meeting
 As there was no other business the chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting after it was agreed that date of next meeting at the Church Room on 12th December.