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Clayhidon Parish Council, March 2011

CONTACT: The Clerk to Clayhidon Parish Council is Mr M Osmond, Oak Cottage, Rosemary Lane, Clayhidon Cullompton, Devon EX15 3PQ. Tel: 680606

MARCH MEETING: Clayhidon Parish Council met on March 14 in the Hall. We were joined by District Councillor Frank Rosamund, and three members of the public. Ray Radford sent his apologies.

PLANNING: the application for a large farm building, 100ft| by 40ft in a 5 acre field, with 7 acres adjoining could have been built without permission. No water or electricity on site. Permission granted.


Mr Coates' stable block to holiday accommodation granted.


Notice boards: after a lot of discussion two are to be purchased and erected one around Rosemary Lane, and one at Garlandhayes.


Ford Street Crossroads: Mr Pocock has agreed to tidy up the visibility around the telephone stay.


The fir hedge at Jack's House is obscuring the view up and down the road. Owners to be contacted.


WEBSITE: The parish website is now up and running: Check it out! Email address: Many thanks to Alison and Gareth Weekes for all their hard work. Parish council minutes are to be checked before going on the web.


Ray Radford (County Councillor): attention is to be drawn to drains that still haven't been cleared. We now have decided to forego the salt bin and would like his offer of £300 to go towards the afore mentioned notice boards.


Richard Kallaway attended a day at Phoenix House which he found interesting and enjoyable. There were talks on various subjects, a guided tour, a talk by the chief executive and a preliminary (January) budget meeting, and food and watering.


Planning Applications by Email: more are coming in this way and understandably the planning office would like to send them out in the same format. Last year this saved Mid Devon £5,000 - is this enough of a saving to justify problems for us and others if this was generally adopted.  


Mid Devon Star: this is difficult for us to come by in Clayhidon, (and the twice I have obtained a copy nothing of Mid Devon DC was in it). We are to be informed when Mid Devon has provided copy and perhaps more Mid Devon Stars could be dropped in at the Old Halifax Building. Apparently the first day of the month is the day they are available.


Smeatharpe Airfield: yet again attention has been drawn to the willow trees growing on the road, obscuring a free view down the road.


Affordable House: the availability of this is proceeding. Do we know of anyone local who would be interested? Affordable Houses are supposed to be priced at 30% below the market price of others in the development.


Frank Rosamund: the Council Tax has been settled without an increase, and, no services have been cut. Savings have been found elsewhere: services shared with other authorities, staff cuts, etc. 18% government cut this year, 11% next.


TRIBE OF DORIS: Planning application for the Tribe of Doris has been received. As the hearing Committee do not take any notice of other considerations such as peace and quiet of the Hills, we (the PC) propose not to write in with our objections. Frank pointed out that it   brings around 1000 people into the Hills, and others may benefit where we lose out. 


MID DEVON CHARTER: We have received  the Mid Devon charter covering our dealings with the Planning Department and the Council, and indeed theirs with us. Let's hope it helps to make everything run more smoothly.


Recyling: Mid Devon now recycles approx 49% of rubbish. This service has been taken in-house due to difficulties with the other provider and this is now saving money without loss of service. Again we pointed out broken glass and plastic bottles left behind.


Icelandic Investment: Mid Devon are still expecting 70% of their total investment back', and it is coming back slowly. We have a budget reserve of £3m.


The Royal Wedding: Children of the Village, under 16s, are to receive a commemorative mug courtesy of the Parish Council. This will be handed out at the street party (to be held in the Hall), or afterwards if not attending.


A new planning application: from Stidwells was discussed, this will increase the current size of 60 square metres by another 40 square metres - still not a large house.


Footpath Meeting: a few enthusiastic supporters attended and are now busy surveying our footpaths. Most of them are in quite good condition - a few need some work either by volunteers or County.


Quiz Team: for Friday  March 19 was arranged.


Potholes: Robert Pike to inform his brother Will about the bad ones.


New Blackdown Book: free to every household, we hope this can be collected from St Ivel House, as we do not have a central point from where folk may collect their copy.


Election Day: 5 May - don't forget to vote, nor fill in your Census.


Next Meeting: Monday (16th May - 7.30pm in the Church Room.


Judith Ward 680 620