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Film Nights

Film night dates for 2018

19 January - The Big Sick(15) >Read more

16 February -- Victoria and Abdul (15)
 Judi Dench and Ali Fazal star in this extraordinary true story of the hushed-up friendship between the elderly and cantankerous Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim, a young clerk who had travelled from India for her Golden Jubilee. Her inner circle hated the relationship, and disapproved of her learning Urdu and the Koran. Lord Salisbury half expected her to start wearing a bourka.

Audiences have generally given the film high scores while the critics are divided. “Entertaining and poignant” said the Independent. “Rather fun in a royalist way,” said the Guardian, while the Hindustan Times blasted it as “a disgustingly distorted look at the horrors of the British Raj”.

But everyone seems agreed that 82 year old Judi Dench is great – or as Variety put it, “she remains the world's most formidable pixie.

16 March -The Audience (National Theatre Live)

20 April - Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool