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Captain Fantastic

Tickets on the door or reserve via Lucy Ball 01823 680607

Friday 3 February, 7.30pm

Captain Fantastic (15)

A comedy/drama about an eccentric family who drop out of normal life and set up home "off-grid"  in the wilds of Washington state.
This “thrilling and poignant” film was described by one reviewer as” fiercely original”  and “pleasantly  unpredictable”.
Viggo Mortensen has been Oscar nominated for his role as a dedicated outdoorsman whose six children have been reared to fend for themselves, growing and hunting their own food.
The Cash family reject capitalism, the American way of life and religion, celebrating the birth of Chomsky instead of Christmas
"Mortensen sets about captaining this ship so well, with such fine shadings of distant grief, self-reproach, humility when it’s necessary, defiance when it’s not, that you can’t imagine anyone else in the role, and wouldn’t want anyone else near it," writes Tim Robey in The Telegraph.
It's a "strange and wonderful tale", writes Mark Kermode in The Guardian.  "With its thrillingly life-affirming performances, it’s a shame that Captain Fantastic’s “strong language” has earned it a 15 certificate; there’s more here for adolescent audiences to enjoy and appreciate than in much 12-rated blockbuster fare. He may not be a superhero, but in terms of imagination, this captain really can fly."