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Hall extension plans

Plans for a bigger, more comfortable parish hall

Plans  to extend and modernise Clayhidon Parish Hall have been approved by Mid Devon District Council planners.

The aim is to make it a warmer, more comfortable, more useful and more versatile venue without changing the character of the building.

The hall committee, with the backing of Clayhidon Parish Council, is hoping to build a complementary, highly insulated two-storey extension behind the stage to include:

· New toilets

· A small meeting room/dressing room for visiting performers

· An upstairs area to house the parish archives

At the same time, we are seeking funding to make other improvements to the poorly insulated former Victorian school room.

The existing toilets would be converted into a storage area for chairs and tables, thus sparing hall users the backbreaking task of lifting them off and on the stage. We would also like to:

· Renovate the roof  and  improve the insulation.

· Replace the existing stage with a more flexible portable   arrangement.

Our plans were drafted by Philip Palfrey and have been supported by Clayhidon Parish Council and approved by Mid Devon District Council. The committee is about to seek quotes for various stages of the work. After that we will    apply for funding to carry out this ambitious project. 

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· The existing toilets are cold, damp and uncomfortable;

· The parish council is seeking need a dry, safe room to house the parish archives,.

· Users of the hall (often elderly) find lifting chairs and tables off and onto the stage very hard work.

· Performers must currently  change in a damp garden shed.

· The Victorian roof slates are worn and a general overhaul is overdue.

· Different types of performance could be accommodated if we had a modern adaptable block stage.