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Parish hall development

Extension idea for parish hall
Major improvements are being mooted for Clayhidon Parish Hall. The committee wants to build an extension to provide a store room for tables and chairs and a ‘green room’ where visiting performers can rest and prepare. It is also hoping to conquer the old problem of mouldy walls in the toilets, by adding a lining to stop condensation.
Lack of space means chairs and tables have to be stored on the stage and the effort of lifting them down into the auditorium and then back up again after each show has long proved a challenge for helpers. An extension would allow furniture to be stored on the same level and wheeled in and out of the hall as needed.
The shed provided at the back of the hall by the Country and Western Club for visiting artists has been a much appreciated asset, but building a permanent extension would be an opportunity to include better facilities.
We do not have a detailed idea yet of what all this will cost. We are still at the stage of drawing up outline plans. Some of the work could be paid for from our existing funds, but we will be hoping to find grants to finance the rest.