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A Christmas Carol
By Charles Dickens
Clayhidon Parish Hall, Thursday 7 December 2017
DAVID MYNNE performs Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL
A Christmas Carol
at Clayhidon Parish Hall
Thursday 7 December 2017
7.30pm (doors open at 7.00pm)

Tickets: £8
Supper: £5
To reserve seats and supper call Caroline Bendle on 01823 681047 or email

Joy to all mankind... Bah!
Spend an evening in the company of a mean, tight-fisted, squeezing, grasping, clutching old miser. Bah!
Watch horrified as Ebenezer Scrooge is haunted by four creepy ghosts (wooo-oooh) each one more terrifying than the last. Bah!
Sob at the bedside of a tiny, malnourished child riven with rickets. Bah!
David Mynne,  a founder member of Cornwall’s legendary Kneehigh Theatre, will take you on a grim journey through the dark, dismal streets of Victorian London, where Ignorance and Want cower together...
...and hopefully a few laughs. Bah!
Celebrate the festive season with a mesmerising one-man performance of Charles Dickens' timeless, transformative story: A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Bah! Bah!
Suitable for adults and children age 8+