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Spring clean 2015

Marigolds, mops and a glimpse of history
Fortified by bacon butties: Clayhidon Parish Hall's spring cleaners. >More pictures in Local History

They came with Marigolds, mops and mould removing chemicals: 12 volunteers committed three hours of their time on 7 February to a three-hour cleaning blitz at Clayhidon Parish Hall. 
Their rewards were hot bacon butties - and a glimpse of history. 
Doug Goodship was clearing rubble in the back yard when he discovered an old well and hand pump, presumably dating back to the building's Victorian origins as a primary school. 
The butties – in bread freshly baked by Sandra Aldworth, kept up morale as the team scrubbed and polished inside the hall. They did their best to remove stubbornly-resistant mould, a century-old problem caused by condensation in a building with solid walls. 
Gareth Weekes, parish hall committee chairman, said: "The hall needed some TLC and it was great to see most of the committee and other volunteers turn out on a Saturday morning.
"We are especially grateful to a very kind Wellington window cleaner Daniel Taylor. He made a superb job of cleaning the windows inside and out. If anyone needs a good window cleaner, he's your man - telephone 07854 117814."