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Warm-up quiz December 2015

Get your brain warmed-up for the Clayhidon Quiz Night on Friday 4 December 2015.  Answer eight questions correctly and you are in with a good chance of beating the reigning champions, the Cider Drinkers. Could you be Brain of Clayhidon 2015? But whatever you are certain to have an enjoyable evening.

1. Thule Air Base, the United States Air Force's most northernmost base, is on which island?

Clayhidon Parish Hall
Saturday 5 December at 7.30pm
with quizmaster Peter Walter.
Licensed Bar.
 Teams of up to four members. £4 per person,  includes bread and cheese supper. 
To Register a team call Caroline Bendle on 01823 681047 or email

2 What is the first name of Bill Clinton's daughter?

3 If you have otalgia, what are you suffering from?

4 Which two-word name of a chain of holiday villages in the United Kingdom have both words misspelt in British English?

5 Who said: 'If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman'?

6 What code name was given to Nazi Germany's plan to invade Britain during the Second World War?

7 In the popular children's nursery rhyme what is Wednesday's child full of? 

8. Genuphobia is the fear of what part of the body?

9. What is the largest living species of lizard?

10. Which popular pet belongs to the biological family felidae?